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Bazı Yayınlarımız

Bazı Yayınlarımız

1. Prevalence of Subclinical Paratuberculosis in Dairy Cattle in Uşak Region

2. Effects of dystocia on plasma cortisol and cholesterol levels in holstein heifers and their newborn ..

3. Case report: exercise-induced cardiac hyper-trophy in a dog

4. Effects of PCR-confirmed subclinical paratuberculosis on retinol and ß-Carotene levels in dairy cattle 

5. Serum non-esterified fatty acids and beta-hydroxybutyrate in dairy cows with retained placenta 

6. Effects of methionine and lysine on metabolic profile in dairy cattle during periparturient period 

7. Multiple renal cyst case in a dog: Evaluation of resistive index 

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